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A Bit About Us

How We Got Started

By Your Side Hospice Care is locally owned and consists of dedicated, caring teams that will be By Your Side through your loved one's transition. Our team members have been serving the Milwaukee area for over 20 years and we were founded with patient care in mind and are committed to treating all patients in need. Our highly skilled medical professionals take great pride in providing our community with quality care that is patient centered. Learn more about what makes us unique by getting in touch with a member of our staff.

By Your Side Hospice provides clinical care for terminally ill adult care that goes beyond symptom management, care that includes bereavement support and therapies. We offer care in a variety of settings, to promote the greatest comfort and the highest quality of life possible, which include:

  • Patient’s Home

  • Skilled Nursing Facility

  • Senior Living Facility

  • Group Home

Healing Hands
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