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   By Your Side Hospice Care

Hospice Doesn't Mean Giving Up, its Just Better Care for You Today and Going Foward.

 Contact us for a hospice eligibility consultation.

According to medical studies, patients who choose hospice as early as possible for a terminal illness tend to live better and longer lives than those who wait. Up to a month longer, in fact.

Healing Hands

What is Hospice?

Hospice care is for individuals with a serious, life-limiting illness that would prefer to focus on the quality of life instead of curative measures.  Hospice care makes comfort the priority. Our team supports the patient and family by managing physical symptoms and addressing emotional and spiritual needs.

What are the Steps to Sign up for my Hospice Benefit?

 You worked many years and earned this Medicare benefit.  Its time for you to take advantage of the personalized care from hospice.

People with an advanced illness who have been given a limited life expectancy by a physician when a curative treatment is no longer available. Additional comorbidities along with a combination of other physical or cognitive declines may also support eligibility for hospice care.  Contact us so we may assist with any questions. The sooner our care the better for you and your family.

1. First, an order is needed from your primary care physician to evaluate for hospice including a specific eligible  diagnosis.  You may also suggest hospice to your doctor.   BYS can assist you obtaining this order.
2. BYS Hospice Care RN will meet you or your representative to obtain medical records and confirm your eligibility.
3.  Individual care staff from BYS will meet with you to complete the admission to hospice care.  A RN, Home Health Aide/Home Maker, Spiritual Care and Social Worker are offered for you and your family.
4. We continue to visit you and communicate with your family throughout your unlimited time with BYS as long as you are eligible.

Hospice Care with hands on patient
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